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From: Jase Stewart, President

Dear Fellow Gunsmith, Engineer, Home Enthusiast and/or Survival Expert,

I’m a gunsmith of 25 years.

From repairing, reconditioning, re-boring to building from scratch – I know a thing or two about firearms. I live guns, I breathe guns.

But, I’m not going to bore you with the details of my expertise!

You’re here because you’re looking for blueprints.

When ever you’re getting your hands dirty (in the literal sense), you know you need good reference material. With your car, that will mean a service manual. With your house, plans & drawings. A firearm is an exceptionally finely tuned instrument, with very high machining and component tolerances. If you’re going to work with firearms, quality reference material is not just helpful, it’s absolutely essential….

Before the internet you didn’t have a lot of options. I didn’t have a lot of options.

Firstly I’d try to source the information locally. I have a couple of gunsmith friends that very occasionally would happen to have what I needed, but this was rare. I had some contacts in different states. I’d try ringing them. This would often lead me on a wild goose chase, from person to person, hopelessly trying to find the blueprint I needed.

After several hours of phone calls, I’d try the manufacturer. Nine times out of ten they required that I mail them my request, often with a check up front. Sometimes I’d get lucky and have the blueprints I needed within a month. Sometimes my letter would get “lost”.

Ahh the frustration!

The final resort was usually the one taken:

Get a working example of the desired firearm and draw the blueprints myself!

The process, as you can imagine would take anywhere up to a couple of weeks with my vernier caliper precisely measuring, gauging and calculating the dimensions of the various parts.

I repeated this process many times, and started amassing a sizable collection of firearm blueprints.

With the development of the internet I gradually built a comprehensive database of reputable contacts all over the globe. You may have chatted to me in one of the many firearm forums over the years! I exchanged some of the blueprints I’d drawn with others, expanding my collection further.

I researched and located hundreds more blueprints, exploded diagrams, manufacturers specifications, “how to build” guides, manuals and other invaluable reference material.

The result is simply this…..

Testimonial From Ron Pears

But don’t just take Ron’s word for it, here are some of the firearms we carry blueprints for:


AK47 Blueprints
.50 Browning Machine Gun Blueprints
Browning “Big 50″
M14 Blueprints
Ruger 10 22 Blueprints
10 22
M60 Blueprints
And many more…..

In fact, I’ve put together over 50 blueprints including the following:

  • AK47
  • AR15
  • .50 BMG
  • Beretta 38a
  • Browning 1819A2
  • Browning M2
  • Colt M1911
  • Lanchester Mk 1
  • M1 Garand

  • M1A1 Tommy Gun
  • M14
  • M16
  • M60
  • MAC10
  • MAC11
  • Madsen M50
  • Model 37
  • MP38
  • Owen Mark 1
  • PPsh 41
  • Reising M50
  • Ruger 1022
  • Ruger Mk2
  • Sig P228
  • Sten Mk 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Thomson 1928
  • UD m42
  • Yugoslav M56

Firearm Blueprints Collection

This Is FirearmBlueprints.net
Unrestricted Access To My Private Collection Of 179 Blueprints & Construction Plans Detailing Over 50 Firearms

High Quality

Check this out! My blueprints are all extremely high quality PDF & CAD documents ready for reference and scaling. Not only that, for many firearms I’ve included comprehensive construction guides to supplement the blueprints, including:

  • Build Logs
  • Photos
  • CAD Files
  • Additional Notes
  • Tricks and “Gotchas”
  • Full Construction Guides

These documents are included with many blueprints to aid in understanding and construction. For example, For the AR-15, you’ll find over 40 (yes forty!) build logs, tricks, techniques, parts suppliers, photos, solidworks CAD files and much more. The resources provided are not just limited to blueprints, but include a complete array of building resources.

Metric and/or imperial measurements are given depending on country of firearm origin and/or period of firearm.

This entire package is HUGE, and greatly appreciated by my many members as reflected in the testimonials we receive!

Click below for a snapshot of the members area:

Members Area


AR15 Lower

Click above for an example of the quality and detail of my blueprints. Original is 2x the size.

But Thats Not All…..
Order Today And I’ll Throw In The Following Bonuses Absolutely Free:


Free Bonus 1…

Firearm Manuals

What good would blueprints be without the original manuals?

You may not believe it, but I’ve accumulated a MASSIVE library of over 1330 firearm manuals. I’ve been told many times by clients that I should be selling these separately.

Here’s the deal: I’m going to give you access to all 1330+ firearm manuals, published by the original gun manufacturers for absolutely free.

Many consider this bonus alone simply priceless.

Firearm Manuals Examples

Most of my Firearm Manuals are original manufacturer manuals, and contain comprehensive exploded views, information on safety, cleaning, assembly and dis-assembly, servicing and much more.

  • Original Manufacturer Manuals
  • Safety & Cleaning
  • Disassembly & Assembly
  • Servicing & Repair
  • Many out-of-print & Hard To Find Manuals
[modal name=”Firearm Manuals List” style=button color=red size=large] Click Here To View Full Firearm Manuals List [/modal]
Free Bonus 2!

The Modern GunsmithMy personal collection of gunsmith reference material!

Over 110 Books and articles including “The Modern Gunsmith” (458 pages) & “Advanced Gunsmithing” (470 pages).

These books together quite literally set the standard for modern gunsmithing techniques. Many, if not all techniques and processes detailed within are still widely regarded by most as the most efficient and safest methods today.

Of course that’s only just touching the surface, I’m also including a selection of other invaluable reference material including:

Advanced Gunsmithing

  • A Variety of Questions & Answers Regarding Legal Issues
  • Information on Silencers & Their Construction
  • Reloading Specifics
  • Optics and Sighting
  • Notes on Full-Auto Firearms
  • Documents To Assist in the Construction Of Various Modern Firearms
  • & Much Much More

Free Bonus 3!


Gunsmithing BooksMy Extensive Archive Of General Machining & Engineering Handbooks

Over 100 Books, Articles, Handbooks, Manuals, Videos & More.

When it comes to building firearms, the devil is in the detail. Most gunsmiths like myself have years of experience when it comes to the details and processes of firearm construction. Skills like reading blueprints, lathe and machining techniques, hardening, bluing, filing and more.

But maybe you don’t have 25 years in the industry?

No Problem!

I’ve put together just for you a collection of over 100 books on literally EVERY SKILL & PROCESS used in firearm construction and gunsmithing. This is my personal archive, that I refer to on an almost daily basis. I’m proud to be able to offer it just to you.

  • Reading & Sketching Blueprints
  • Several Complete Machinists Techniques & Processes Handbooks.
  • Lathe & Milling Techniques
  • Brazing, Welding & Soldering
  • Buffing & Polishing
  • Various Metal & Alloy Characteristics
  • Anodizing
  • Decimal & Imperial Conversions
  • Etching
  • Smeltering, Casting & Forging
  • Spring Making
  • Measuring
  • And MUCH MUCH More!
Can you keep my private collection “Just Between Us?”

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside firearmblueprints.net, I must insist that you agree to full confidentiality and non-disclosure of the information. This is NOT negotiable and you cannot get access to firearmblueprints.net at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

YES, I agree to not share any of the proprietary information from firearmblueprints.net with anyone. I realize that this is sensitive information and that copying or giving it away is the same as stealing. I promise to keep your secrets. Please let me in.

My Personal 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I offer a full 30 day guarantee. I stand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 4 weeks by simply contacting me and letting me know what I could do better in the future.


Your Money Will Be Returned At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You’re Unhappy

Get Access Today And Save!!

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  • INSTANT ACCESS 1330+ Firearm Owners Manuals
  • INSTANT ACCESS 110+ Additional Gunsmithing Books
  • INSTANT ACCESS 100+ Machining & Engineering Handbooks
  • Plus Tons More!

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